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Titan Tool Supply - Shaviv Hand Deburring Tools by Vargus

Titan Tool Supply's Shaviv deburring tools by Vargus can be used in the deburring of many applications including internal & external surfaces, holes, edges, corners, slots and more. Choose from a variety of holders, blades, and handles to meet any application and material requirements you may have.

Quickly and easily complete your finishing process by removing burrs, edges and imperfections with Titan Tool Supply's high quality Shaviv deburring tools by Vargus

Found 43 items. Showing items 1 through 12
Shavi 153-29002 D Blade Holder
Shaviv 151-19019 High Speed Steel Blade B-20
Shaviv 151-29022 High Speed Steel Blade B-25 for Plastic
Shaviv 151-29023 High Speed Steel Blade B-30
Shaviv 151-29026 Carbide tipped scriber B-50C
Shaviv 151-29027 High Speed Steel deburing blade B-60
Shaviv 151-29028 Carbide Deburring Scraper Blade B-70
Shaviv 151-29029 C-40 H.S.S. Trinagular Blade
Shaviv 151-29030 C-42 H.S.S. Trinagular Blade
Shaviv 151-29031 Carbide Blade D-80C
Shaviv 151-29032 Carbide Blade D-82C
Shaviv 151-29034 High Speed Steel Blade E-100
Found 43 items. Showing items 1 through 12