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X Axis Z Axis Measuring Machine
Measuring Microscopes

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Product Description

The Titan Measuring A-I and A-II Microscope-Telescope-Videoscope is a highly versatile instrument that is provided with a sophisticated optical tube that comes standard as a 25X and 50X Microscope, and with the purchase of an optional 10X Objective, can be converted to a 100X Microscope.

This unique instrument is easily converted to a 7X Visual Telescope by removing the 2.5X and 5X Microscope Objectives and extending the optical tube. Further conversion to a Video Scope, be it for Microscope or Telescope Applications, is by removing the Eyepiece and purchasing the Video Adapter (Order #X - Z Video Adapter), which extends the eyetube for video. The Video Lens Adapter #TSTVA - 12 is also necessary as it contains the Cross Hairs and Reticle.

The Optical Tube has a Reticle in the Eyepiece that has Crosshairs and further divisions into 30 degree segments. This Optical Tube can be utilized in a Vertical or Horizontal Position.

If used as a Microscope - Videoscope, magnifications range from 60X at 2.5" to 336X with a 10X objective at .375". As a Video-Telescope, magnifications range from 8X at 65" to 40X at 4.75" (All magnifications are tabulated with a 2/3" format camera and 9 monitor). These magnifications will change with different format cameras and larger screen monitors and double with 1/2" format camera and 12" monitor.

The Measuring capability of the unit is provided by a Vernier Scale reading directly in .001" divisions over 6" or 12" Horizontal range and 6" Vertical range. The scales are easily read with a 10X Magnifier providing for magnification of the scales. If necessary, the horizontal readings can be calibrated to closer accuracies by using GAGE BLOCKS between two adjustable reference points. Movement in both Axis is controlled by a rack and pinion adjustment giving fingertip control over the entire range.
The base is constructed out of a seasoned meehanite casting with hand scraped ways for the highest accuracies. A spring adjustment assures perfect alignment. A liquid level mounted on the horizontal carriage assures flatness when all legs are perfectly leveled.

The Optical Tube, whether it is used as a Microscope or Telescope, can be rotated 360 degrees on its own axis so that the optics can be used in any position, vertical or horizontal any angle. If used in a horizontal position, there is a .0005" per foot separate level to assure perfect horizontal positioning of the Optical Tube.

Telescope applications are possible from 17" to infinity by eye.If the Optical Tube is used in a Vertical position as a Microscope, two viewing positions are possible for workpieces. They can be mounted on a special steel plate attached to the rear of the unit directly under the Optical Tube. This is ideal for small parts. The second alternative is to remove this plate, which is attached with two allen screws, and bridge it over larger workpieces, as for example, a Printed Circuit Board.

TITAN A-I & A-II Video Microscope TelescopeThe Titan A Series combines the best of all worlds. It allows you to MEASURE, ALIGN, and VIEW as a Microscope or Telescope and, if desired, project the image on a VIDEO MONITOR at an extremely low cost. It will function at working distances where it is impossible to use conventional Microscopes or Telescopes. It is easy to focus and read properly on its accurate vernier scales.

It is an ideal instrument for QUALITY CONTROL.

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