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70 Series Measuring Microscope
70 Series
Measuring Microscopes

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Product Description

Titan 70 Series Measuring Microscope

These compact units have their own light source located in a simple powerful pen light which is adjustable on a two-way swivel. The base is detachable by unscrewing and can be removed for special mountings on production lines, etc.

The Titan 70 Series Measuring Microscope has a precision vertical adjustment for focusing through a rack and pinion with a travel of approximately 2.500". The reticle can be rotated 360 Degrees and adjusted for individual eyesight by turning the top adjusting screw on the eyepiece.

Possible Uses:
    It can be used as an inexpensive Toolmakers Microscope by attaching the unit to the spindle of a vertical milling machine or jig borer and using the travel of the table for measuring the object or construct a set of cross-slides with micrometer movement for positioning a work piece.

    Grinding: For checking the relationship between the diamond and the grinding wheel or grinding wheel and the workpiece.

    Toolroom: checking Finish on dies, cracks, wear and distance between points.

    Measuring miniature screw machine parts, etc. Checking of welds for finish or cracks.

    Checking castings in the foundry for finish in minute hair line cracks and metallurgical properties for castings.

    Size of print and weave of cloth, etc.

    Any small production or stamped part which has to be checked in a continuous relationship.

    Measuring the thickness of castings on wire and wear on the dies proportionately.

    Measuring depth of small indentations too small to measure otherwise. This can be done by clamping the unit to a heavy large size Height Gauge, focusing in on the bottom of a fine crack which is inaccessible in any other way; then focusing in again on top. All this is done by using the fine adjustment of the Height Gauge and then reading the difference in the two readings by indicator or the veneer scale on the Height Gauge.

    Measuring width of lines for Universal Product Code symbols for Printers, Lithographers, Paper and Carton Manufacturers, etc. We especially recommend Model 71B1 with .0005" divisions for this purpose.

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Measuring Microscopes