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TVM Videoscope

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The New Titan TVM Series Industrial Videoscopes

The TVM Series from Titan Tool Supply is a family of accurate, cost-effective Industrial Videoscopes. The Series is designed to provide high-quality remote visual inspection and diagnostic capabilities across a diverse array of applications.

Offered in four unique models, all TVM Series industrial videoscopes feature a 4.3-inch monitor, full-360°/four-way articulation and user-friendly button technology. Two unique diameter sizes of 4.5mm and 6.2mm, as well as two unique working lengths of 1.5m and 3m, are available as standard. A durable Tungsten braided cable sheathing on all models provides added durability and reliability within dirty or harsh industrial applications, as well as ease of navigation within space constrained environments.

The mechanized joystick that is incorporated into each Model TVM Series industrial videoscope uses operator-applied and guided inputs for the smooth, accurate and direct control of camera articulation functions, as well as that of the articulating camera tip. A combination of ease of operator control, together with the incorporation of high-level illuminating LEDs with five-step intensity control, allows the articulating camera tip to be easily visually steered through narrow bores, channels and complex curves. Additionally, the camera is able to hold its position, even when joystick pressure is released by the operator.

Typical applications for Model TVM Series industrial videoscopes include aviation MRO, automotive maintenance, casting inspections, cavity inspections, diesel engine repair, gasoline engine repair, locomotive maintenance, ship maintenance, industrial inspection and monitoring, manufacturing quality control, or any other industrial application where accurate, cost effective remote visual inspection may be required. 

TVM Series