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FX - 3 Extra Wide Field Stereo Microscope

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$699.00 $479.00
Product Description

This Extra Wide Field Stereo Microscope  features unusually long Focal Lengths and great Depths of Field in the Lower Magnifications. The accompanying larger fields of view offer greater versatility than most Stereo Microscopes available for Medical or Industrial Applications. Ideal for Inspection, Burring, Electronic Soldering or Drilling. The unit can also be adapted to special stands for mounting on Machine Tools and for Medical Operating Procedures. It can be incorporated into systems as an electron microscope viewer. The unit has excellent natural light gathering capabilities, and for most applications, natural room light is sufficient. It offers an unusually crisp, sharp image not usually found in lower priced Stereo Microscopes.

Advantages of the FX-3 Extra Wide Field Stereo Microscope:

  • Unusually long Focal Length as seen by 10X Magnification where 20.125" or 7.283" are obtainable.
  • Large Fields of View as seen at 10X Magnification where 2.625" or 1.313" are possible.
  • Great Depth of Field which makes this unit ideal for small delicate inspection work as it can easily be viewed while it is being worked on.
  • Complete adjustable stand for all situations. Special stands can easily be made if the situation so dictates and from .800" diameter tubing or drill rods.
  • Superior Distortion-Free vision with excellent natural light gathering capabilities.

The FX-3 Stereo Microscope uses the FOI-150 Halogen Iluminator and the RI-50 Fiberoptic Ring Illuminator or the TFLI Fluorescent Ring Illuminator. An optional ring adapter Order # RI-FX3 must be ordered to use the Ring Illuminator. The FOI-1 Split Bifurcated Light Guide can be used in place of the RI-50 Ring Illuminator.

  • Stand: Aluminum base, plate 5.500" x 6" x .750" with .800" diameter vertical post.
  • Body: Rack and Pinion focusing arrangement with adjustment up to 9.500" above base plate.
  • Binocular Tube: Inclined at 45 Degree with Diopter adjustment and variable adjustment for inter-pupillary adjustment.
  • Eyepieces: Extra Wide Field 10X is standard with the unit. 20X can be purchased as an extra option. 10X and 20X Cross Hair Eyepieces available as an extra option.
  • Objectives: 1X is standard and built directly into the unit. Optional objectives .5X, 1.5X and 2X can be purchased separately.
  • Magnification: Six different magnifications are possible with the purchase of 1 extra set of eyepieces and additional objectives.
  • Image: Right side up and optically correct. Lenses: Hard coated with color correction. Weight: 3.5 lbs.


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FX - 3 Cross Hair Eyepiece 10X

FX - 3 Cross Hair Eyepiece 20X

FX - 3 Extra Eye Piece Pair 20X

FX - 3 Extra Eye Piece Pair 10X

FX - 3 Extra Objective Lens 0.5X

FX - 3 Extra Objective Lens 1.5X

FX - 3 Extra Objective Lens 2X

FX - 3 Used for Ring Light if not using extra objective