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RX-3 Stereo Microscope

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Product Description


The eight way adjustable pillar stand allows for many combinations of vertical and horizontal or even angular adjustments that combine both planes. Full rotation of 360° is possible on all adjustments with no limitations.

The uses are unlimited for assembly, burring, inspection, research and electronic circuit board soldering. Its extra large field of view and great depth of field allow it to be used as a magnified viewing device for miniature machine work. It can also be incorporated into various inspection setups to allow for versatile optical inspections of all sorts.

Advantages of the RX-3
Pillar Stand: Aluminum base, plate 5.75” X 7.25”, .750” thick cast base plate with .500” diameter vertical post 7.500” long, 6.5” secondary rod & 2 ergonomic aluminum clamps with easy to use high density plastic adjustment knobs to allow the unit to be put in horizontal, vertical or angled position to allow for may viewing positions.

Binocular Tube: Diopter adjustment and variable adjustment for interpupillary adjustment. Diopter adjustment + or - 2 Diopter.

Eyepieces: Extra Wide Field 10X is standard with the unit. 20X can be purchased as an extra option. 10X and 20X Cross Hair Eyepieces available as an extra option.

Objectives: 1X is standard and built directly into the unit. Optional objectives .5X, 1.5X and 2X can be purchased separately.

Image: Right side up and optically correct.

Lenses: Hard coated with color correction. Weight: 3.5 lbs.

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RX - 2 Extra Eye Piece Pair 10X

RX - 2 Extra Eye Piece Pair 20X

RX - 2 Extra Objective Lens .5X

RX - 2 Extra Objective Lens 1.5X

RX - 2 Extra Objective Lens 2X

RX - 2 Used for Ring Light if not using extra objective