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Titan #807 & #808 30X Pocket Measuring Microscope

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Product Description

Model 807 - 30X measuring microscope with adjustable eyepiece that will allow for eyesight differences. The reticle has 90 Degree cross lines and .001" divisions with major numerical markings at .010" intervals. The length of the 360 Degree rotate-able reticle is .120" and the field of view is approximately .140". The microscope is 6 1/2" long and has a 1" diameter eyepiece with the microscope body being .500" diameter.

Model 808 - Is identical to Model 807 but with .05MM divisions, with a length of scale of 3MM

These units are ideal for inspectors, engineers, toolmakers, machinists, etc., as it can be easily carried in the pocket.

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