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Titan Video Multi-Scale Stage Micrometer- SCMC-1

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Product Description

The Titan Video Multi-Scale Stage Micrometersare used for checking the accuracy of scales in a microscope-telescope, magnification of microscopes, setting masters for video measurements on a screen to a true value in the same depth of field where the real measurements have to be made. These micrometers can also be used for calibration of a master in borescope measurements. These stages can be used for checking the accuracy of stage movements with digital or standard micrometers. 

Their usage is only limited by the imagination of the user in optical metrology. We have chosen six common scales. In inches, we show .005", .002" and .001". In metric we show .025mm, .05mm and .1mm by using these scales as masters. Any multiple or division, thereof, should satisfy all calibration needs.

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