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L-Series Micro Fiberscope

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Product Description

The "L" Series Micro Rigid Fiberescopes that are available in two diameters & two lengths.

The L-1 is 0.037"(1mm). The L-2 is 0.083"(2mm).

Model L-1 has a 42 Degree Field of View and a 6000 element imaging bundle.

Model L-2 Micro Rigid Borescope has a 50 Degree Field of View with a 10,000 imaging bundle.

The "L" Series Borescope comes with the LED-BH3W 3Watt LED Battery Handle for complete portability or if more intense illumination is required the use of the FOI-150 150 Watt Halogen Illuminator and FB-6 become necessary, both items are optional extra's.

Qaulity made in the USA!

Features & Specifications

Diameter: L-1 is 0.039" (1mm) & L-2 is 0.078" (2mm)

Flexible Length: 6" (152mm) or 12" (305mm)

Magnification: 30X

Field of View: L-1 is 42 Degree & L-2 is 55 Degree 

Focal Length: 0.118" to 0.236" (3mm to 6mm)

90 Degree mirror sleeves are available for all models and increases the diameter on the L-1 to 0.045" (1.1mm) & the L-2 to 0.084" (2.1mm)

Maximum Temperature: 125F (52C)

Rigid Stainless Steel Tube Probe

A foam lined carrying case is included.

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L-Series Models  

Add Item Accessories

Fiber Optic Light Guides

FOI-150-220 220 Volt 150 Watt Fiberoptic Illuminator

Q1250 Bulb 150 Watt for FOI-150 and FOI-150-200

LED-BH2000LR LED Battery Handle

TSVD-30 "C" Mount Video Adapter

FOI-150 Watt Illuminator