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Fiber Optic Ring Lights

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Product Description

Titan Fiber Optic Ring Illuminators provide the finest illumination that money can buy for viewing, measuring or assembly under a microscope, projector or closed circuit TV systems.

This Fiber Optic CIRCLE OF LIGHT OVER 360 Deg. leaves absolutely NO SHADOW Pockets such as is possible with regular microscope illuminators, single or double fiber bundles or even fluorescent lighting which is much weaker in intensity. Its strength surpasses all built in illumination system wherein the light beam has to pass through lenses and mirrors before it reaches the work piece.

The light is ABSOLUTELY COLD which is essential for measuring in .0001" increments or when thin sensitive work pieces are checked such as Film, P.C. Boards or Biological Specimens. It is a soothing white light with no glare which reduces operator fatigue and can be used for extended periods of time without harmful side effects.

The Ring Illuminator can be used as the prime light source for Measuring Microscopes, Monocular or Stereo Viewing Microscopes, or as a secondary light source or Profile Projectors, 35mm Cameras or Closed Circuit TV Systems, or miniature assembly.

Many industrial materials have lighting problems. They are either opaque and reflect little or no light, or are so highly polished that they reflect the light from a point light source into space and the light waves do not reenter the optical system. This can also be helped by the Titan Fiber Optic Illuminator. To serve you better we have four different diameter Fiber Optic Ring Illuminators. This large range covers all Titan Microscopes and Projectors, as well as 90% of competitive units. The units are held in place by 3 nylon screws that will not mar or injure your microscope frame. If special adapters are necessary, they can easily be made to fit onto this simple system.

Please note that if you do not already own a light source, Model FOI-150 Watt Halogen light source is essential for your ring illuminator or LuxPro-LED light source is available. Intensity can be controlled at will by adjustment of a simple rheostat on both the Titan FOI-150 and Titan LuxPro-LED Fiber Optic Illuminators. These are separate units and not part of the pricing of the ring illuminators.

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