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DM-54-210-100 Digital Micrometer Head

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$995.00 $925.00
Product Description

The DM-54 Series Digital Micrometer Head is an Electronic LCD Display Direct Reading Stage Micrometer Head with all functions in the head itself. The Scales are ideally suited for use on Measuring-Toolmakers Microscopes, Profile Projectors-Optical Comparators, Special Fixtures, Gauges and Tools. It is light in weight and easy to use. Rapid readability in each axis while using the microscope. DM-54-210-100 has a ".00" range.

Operates on 1 CR2032 Lithium battery which is included.

Advantages of DM-54 Series Micrometer Head

Instant Inch-Metric Conversion.

Operates directly from CR2032 Lithium batteriy.

Low Price.

Memory and Recall Memory (Continuous Memory).

Go-NoGo Tolerance Settings.

Zero Setting at any point.

Automatic Switch Off after 4 minutes of inactivity with automatic recall of last digit when On Button is pressed.

Easy reading Large LCD Display.

Non-rotating Spindle.

Micrometer head can be read in the forward or reverse direction and rotated for Horizontal or Vertical mounting.

Easy standard .500" mounting diameter for all stages.

Readings can be had in a continuous basis in both millimeters and inches as the conversion capability allows both simultaneously (Logic Conversion).

Measuring Range:  DM-54-210-100 0-"" or 0-25mm
Resolution: .00005" or .001mm (1 micron)
Accuracy: DM-54-210-100 ± 2 microns ± .000078"
Repeatability: ± 1 Digit
Power Supply: 1 CR2032 Lithium battery 
Weight: DM-54-210-100 15 ounces 
Large LCD Display: .250"

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