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Dia-Strip and Dia-Sheets
Micro Finishing

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Product Description

Dia-Strip and Dia-Sheet Lapping and Polishing Film from Titan Tool Supply provides cost-effective, reliable, micro finishing support for a variety of challenging lapping and deburring tasks, including the precision polishing of plastic molds, die cast dies, carbide, and ceramics. The film can cut virtually any material, including steel, stainless steel, carbide, ceramics, glass, plastics and wood. The film is also compatible for use with EDM surface finishes, which otherwise are typically too hard to be touched by most abrasives.

Dia-Strip and Dia-Sheet precision micro finishing lapping and polishing films incorporate pure virgin diamond powders in their highest concentrated forms for maximum material strength, durability, and performance. The powders are first expertly graded for uniformity, then held into place by a thin nickel, with 90% of the grains left exposed for cutting. The grains are unable to escape the film due to the strength of the bonding agent.

The film is offered with a choice of either 2” x 4” sheets (Dia-Sheets); or 0.5” x 2” strips (Dia-Strips), and in thicknesses ranging from 0.003” to 0.019”. It is further offered with a choice of six unique grits, ranging from coarse 80/100 (0.012” thickness), to superfine 1100 (0.003” thickness). Overall film flexibility and thickness is directly proportional to customer choice of coarseness or grain size.

This unique construction makes Dia-Sheets and Dia-Strips highly durable, yet also flexible, bendable, formable, and highly adaptable. The film is easily cut to size via scissors or tin snips. As the film backing is completely flat, it can be easily bonded onto any material or shape to create specialty tooling, lapping, deburring wheels. This makes it also particularly useful within plastic mold and cast die manufacturing applications, where the precision polishing of thin slots and slits is typically required, and yet where traditional polishing stones would otherwise be prone to breakage. It is also ideal for precision polishing requirements within space-constrained environments, as well as the lapping of curves, contours, or other complex geometries. All film comes with a double-sided industrial tape for ease of application.


  • Special Lapps
  • Lapping Curves and Contours
  • De-Burring Tools
  • Diamond Wheels
  • Special Shaped Diamond Dressers for Aluminum Oxide or Silicon Carbide Grinding Wheels and Stones
  • Special Hones
  • Sanding Discs

PLASTIC MOLD AND DIE CAST DIES. Polishing in thin Slots And Slits where Polishing Stones would break. It can be fastened to any backing from thin (Sucker Sticks) to strips of plastic for this purpose.

Special Files can be made from it for materials where ordinary files wear out fast, or specials are necessary.

POLISHING CARBIDE or CERAMICS. It can even be used on E.D.M. finishes which are normally too hard to be touched by most abrasives.

It's the ideal answer for any situation, timing is immediate for special applications and cheaper than having special diamond tooling made. It's an excellent emergency solver.

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