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TVS-35 HD Series Industrial Videoscopes

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Product Description

Lead time for scopes are 14-21 Days

The Titan Tool Supply, Inc. TVS-35 HD One Mega Pixel Series Videoscope is a high quality, cost effective tool for all your Remote Visual Inspection needs.

There are 3 different models with 2 diameter sizes and 3 lengths available. Front View Only, Side View Only and Dual View Front & Side View available. Diameters available are 3.8mm with lengths from 1.5m to 5m and 6mm, with lengths from 1.5m to 3m.

The mechanized joystick uses input to directly control the camera articulation. This results in a smooth and accurate control of the articulating tip, with immediate response to the joystick inputs. This allows the camera tip to be steered through narrow bores, channels and complex curves. Ideal for aviation maintenance, casting inspection, cavity inspection, diesel engine repair, gasoline engine repair, locomotive maintenance, ship maintenance or any where you need remote visual inspection.

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