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PS-1 Low Cost Stereo Microscope

Model PS - 1 Stereo Microscope (Complete with 1X OBJ. & 12X EYEPIECES & STAND)

Extra Objcetives 1X, 2X, 3X, or 5X
Extra Pair of 17X or 12X Wide Field Eyepieces

A simple, rugged Stereo Microscope, inexpensively priced with an unusually heavy duty base and stand. The unit will give an excellent, optically correct three-dimensional image of the greatest sharpness and clarity.

The microscope body rotates 360 Degrees on the vertical post with a telescoping base post, which allows a clearance of 11.5" from bottom plate to the bottom of objective lens.

It has standard inter-pupillary adjustment and the unusual feature of Diopter adjustment for both eyes versus one eye, which is standard on most microscopes. This allows enough range of adjustment that even a person who can normally never see three-dimensionally on a standard stereo can perceive a good three-dimensional image.

The PS - 1 is well suited for electronic soldering and viewing, as well as microscope examination of small machined parts and work pieces.

  • Stand: Heavy Steel casting base plate 7" diameter with 19/32" - 15mm diameter vertical post.
  • Body: Rack & Pinion Focusing Arrangement with vertical adjustments up to 11.5" above the base plate.
  • Binocular Tube: Vertical & Inter-pupillary adjustment & Diopter adjustments for for both eyes.
  • Eyepieces: 12X (included) & 17X (extra) Coated Eyepieces 
  • Objectives: 1X (included), 2X, 3X or 5X (extra)
  • Magnification: Eight different magnifications, 12X to 85X are available.
  • Image: Right Side up and optically correct.
  • Lenses: Hard Coated with color correction.

The FOI-150 150 Watt Halogen Illuminator and FOI-1 Split Bifurcated Light Guide are Ideal for Illumination

To buy the PS-1 please select from first Select Item the "PS-1" when adding to the cart. If you would like to order any extra objective or eyepieces please select items from the second Select Item for ordering.

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