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Co-Axial Fiber Optic Ring Lights

Titan Tool has combined the best features of a Vertical Co-Axial Illuminator with Fiber Optics for the Co-Axial Ring. The result is an illuminator so bright that it will easily illuminate a work piece as far as 10" to 12" and further from the Lens System. The illuminator serves a distinct function and has several unique advantages over illuminators presently available for commercial applications.

It is an ideal illuminator for many Micro and Macro-Video Machine Vision Applications where the work piece needs illumination, especially where a deep cavity is involved that the present Ring Illuminators or separate Fiber Optic Bundles cannot illuminate properly as they are off the OPTICAL AXIS. These instruments have to project their light at an angle and cannot penetrate to sufficient depth or intensity. There is absolutely no heat involved with this illuminator, as 90% of the heat is already dissipated by the Fiber Optic Bundle and the balance by air in the distance to the work piece. The intensity of the illuminator is extremely bright as it can be powered by any Fiber Optic Light Source. standard Titan FOI-150 Watt Halogen Illuminator or the FOI-250 Watt Illuminator (40% more illumination than FOI-150) will give more than sufficient, evenly spaced illumination, with a bright, white light and rheostat control light switches.

The Fiber Optic Co-Axial Illuminator is ideal for all Machine Vision Video Applications, Surgical Applications, Optical Comparators as well as Microscope Usage provided that there is sufficient Microscope Working Distances.

Available in two of the most common sizes for Microscopes and Machine Vision Systems. The RI-23CA1 has a 23mm Inside Diameter and the RI-50CA2 has a 50mm Inside Diameter. 

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Shipping Weight: 10 lbs
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