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FX - 6 Stereo Microscope

The FX - 6 is an inexpensive Industrial Microscope for
broad industrial applications. It can be easily mounted to the universal pillar stand (#UPS-TSZM) or on machines for in process viewing. It is supplied with one pair each of 10X and 20X eyepieces for standard magnifications of 20X and 40X respectively. Extra objectives can be purchased as optional extras to allow for a magnification range from 6X to 80X.

The microscope is an excellent value for its purchase price. It is ruggedly constructed and can be used in a shop environment. The microscope body is rotatable in its stand and also around the vertical post. The stand is so constructed that, regardless of the microscope position, it is a very sturdy instrument and very hard to tip in its stand.

The FX - 6 is adaptable to one of Titan Video Systems by purchasing the TSTVA12-TSZM Video Adapter, which is inserted into one of the eyepieces while you view with the other. This video adapter has a reticle which can be used for alignment or measuring once calibrated.

To buy the FX-6 please select 'No Accessories' when adding to the cart. If you would like to order any extra objective or eyepieces please go to the related items below for ordering.

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Product ID: FX-6
Shipping Weight: 15 lbs
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