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V-Series Videoscopes

Advanced, Portable and Economical - V-Series Video Borescope

From Titan Tool Supply, Inc., a global supplier of industrial Remote Visual Inspection (RVI) equipment comes an advanced and portable Videoscope system that rivals the products offered by big name companies AND costs a whole lot less! After all, why pay more for superfluous features when you can have what really matters in a robust and practical V Series Videoscope.

The V Series Video Borescope has the features experienced and discriminating users have told us they need.

It's Portable
The iTool Video Imaging Hub weighs just 2.2 kg (4.8 lb) and can be powered by an AC power supply or a handy battery pack.

It's Practical
A single cord connects V Series Videoscopes with the iTool Video Imaging Hub. The Videoscopes are interchangeable; any V Series Videoscope can be used with the iTool Video Imaging Hub.

It's Robust
The V Series Videoscope handpiece chassis is made of metal and
insertion tubes are sheathed with hard wearing tungsten braid.

It's Advanced and Easy-to-Use
The latest in CCD (Charge-coupled device) solid-state camera and Metal-Halide lamp technology provide bright high resolution images on an integrated large LCD (Liquid-crystal display) monitor. A Compact Flash digital image storage card and a USB port make image and audio recording, saving and transfer simple.

iTOOL Imaging Hub

A V Series Videoscope System consists of a Videoscope and a iTool Video Imaging Hub. The iTool Video Imaging Hub is a field portable unit that combines light source, image control and management functions. The remote images produced by a V Series Videoscope are clearly displayed on a state-of-the-art LCD monitor. Digital video and audio data can be recorded without messy cables or advanced computer knowledge. The onboard removable digital storage media or the USB outlet can be used to transfer data to a personal computer.

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