All your de-burring and micro-finishing needs at competitive and sale pricing.
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Deburring and Microfinishing Tools

deburring and microfinishing tools

Since 1952, Titan has provided the best quality products guaranteed. All micro-finishing products are in stock and ready for shipment.

Choose from our expansive yet affordable selection of micro-finishing products including Titan rout-a-burrs, swiss and diamond needle files, diamond lapping compounds, jig grinding bottoming pins, diamond & borazon grinding wheels, and much more.

Titan Tool Supply has over 60 years of experience in the micro-finishing industry. Contact us today for assistance in selecting the right products for your needs.

Our Deburring and Microfinishing Tools

Deburring Tools
Titan Tool Supply's deburring tools can be used in the deburring of many applications including internal & external surfaces, holes, edges, corners, slots and more. Choose from a variety of holders, blades, and handles to meet any application and material requirements you may have. Quickly and easily complete your finishing process by removing burrs, edges and imperfections with Titan Tool Supply's high quality deburring tools.

Diamond Lapping Compounds
Titan Tool's offers the finest diamond lapping compounds available for obtaining excellent finishes, quickly and easily on steel, carbide and ceramics. Composed of uniformly shaped diamond grains of all virgin powder, our diamond lapping compounds are free from contamination. Titan uses only the finest natural diamond. Diamond lapping compounds can be ordered in Oil or Water Soluble Base.

Diamond Needle Files
Titan Diamond HB Full Size and Diamond Needle Files are made with a hard nickel bond on a hardened steel blank for longer life and wear. For use on carbide, ceramics, hardened steel and alloys

Grinding Wheels
Titan’s line of specialty miniature Plated and Sintered Diamond Grinding Wheels of various shapes and sizes used for various finishing processes on hardened carbides, ceramics, hardened steel alloys and glass.

Hand Stones and Polishing Paste
Our line of Tetrabor (Boron Carbide) Polishing compounds and polishing stones for lapping of Carbide Dies and Blanks, polishing of Plastic Moulds and Die Casting Dies, lapping of Gauges and Holes in die work, Die Faces and the lapping of cutting edges of various types of cutting tools for greater wear. It has also been proven to be quite excellent for lapping of valves and other moving parts to reduce friction.

Jig & Internal Grinding & Bottoming Pins
Titan offers a complete line of Diamond & CBN Internal Jig Grinding Pins both plated and resin bond as well as Diamond & CBN Bottoming Pins used for bottom and shoulder grinding and our line Diamond Ball Grinding Pins.

Miniature Diamond Files
Titan Diamond Miniature Files are used by hand in the or in any of the Reciprocating Die Filing Machines be they Air, Flexible Shaft or Ultrasonic. They can be used for the polishing of Plastic molds or Carbide Dies. They all have a 3mm Diameter Shank.

Scrapers and Blades
The Blades are made of hardened high speed steel, wear resistant and accurately ground. Comes with a well balanced comfortable handle.

Swiss Needle Files
Genuine Swiss Needle Files made in Switzerland by Grobet & Vallorbe. These are High Quality Chromium Steel Swiss Needle Files now at clearance pricing!

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