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Welcome Warmer Spring Weather with Titan Tool Supply

As Spring has arrived, we have prepared ourselves to enjoy the bright sun, warm air and lush green grass. Spring is also the time to renew your hopes, dreams and goals. Titan Tool Supply wishes you a very joyful spring season.


"Zoom" into warmer weather and blooming gardens with Microscopes from Titan Tool Supply! The Toolmakers High Magnification Microscope and ZMM - 1 Monocular Zoom Micoscope are sophisticated, high quality microscopes used for efficient and accurate inspections.

Toolmakers High Magnification Microscope

Toolmakers High Magnification Microscope

Titan Tool Supply Inc. TM Series high-magnification measuring and metallurgical microscopes. Featuring ultra-fine focus adjustment for the Z axis, the TM microscopes are ideal for measuring strain in lead frames for the semiconductor industry, height of bonded portion of wires, height of solder on printed circuit boards, water bump height, projection of head on VTR drum measurement steps, height steps on PC boards, scoring of metal cans, depth of engraving on plastic molds, and other fine measuring tasks.

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ZMM - 1 Monocular Zoom Micoscope
Monocular Zoom Micoscope

It is sometimes necessary to observe a work piece in a machine without disturbing the "Set-Up" or to view a given situation during assembly, or a complicated component to try to find cause for potential failure. Pin cracks, blow holes in castings, weave of cloth.

These are but a few of the components that need periodic examination. It is further highly desirable to look at these pieces over a large range of magnifications without disturbing the set-up due to changing of lenses on the microscope. the zoom feature on the ZMM - 1 fulfills this function.

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