Since 1952, Titan Tool Supply has been a leading supplier of optical instrumentation for R & D, Quality Control and other professionals throughout industries.
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Titan Tool Supply has been a leading supplier of optical instrumentation for R & D, Quality Control and other professionals throughout industries since 1952. 

The lens systems in Titan products are designed or modified to meet the needs and specifications of our customers.

Whether you need to view your application by eye or video, our experienced engineers can design an optical program to solve your problem. We are happy to work with you via E-mail, fax or phone.

Internal viewing - borescopes both rigid, flexible & video.

Alignment - centering microscopes, toolscopes and alignment telescopes.

Measuring - toolmaker microscopes and other measuring microscopes.

Variable Magnification Viewing - stereo microscopes and monocular zoom microscopes. Eighty-five percent of our instruments are video adaptable. This enables you to achieve a greater level of resolution, an attribute that is important in instruments such as our depth and X axis measuring microscopes.

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The Micro-Video-Zoom-Objective System Micro-Video-Zoom-Objective System

The Titan Micro Video Zoom Objective System is not a stereo microscope lens reapplied, but rather is designed especially for video applications.

Using this approach, we are able to offer more features that broaden the System's application range, make it easier to use and lower the retail price. The Zoom Lens is available with a choice of 6 different sub lenses, magnifications .35X, .5X, .75X, 1X, 1.5X and 2X. They allow for a broad range of magnification, fields of view and working distances. Learn More ›
Articulating Fiberscope 3mm Micro-Video-Zoom-Objective System

J Series flexible borescopes are two-way articulating borescopes featuring a small diameter of only 0.120" (3.0mm).

It offers the high resolution of 10,000 fibers with 25X magnification and is adaptable to video viewing or digital photography. Fiberoptic illumination and a 90° right-angle viewing head are optionally available.

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High Magnification Measuring Microscope Measuring Microscope

The TM-8 and TM-10 have designed into their system all the features necessary for high magnifications. They have the special advantage of a Coaxial Illuminator with a condenser and filter plus sub stage illuminator. An extra micro-screw ultra-fine depth focusing knob, in addition to the standard Rack & Pinion focusing, three objective lenses revolving nosepiece with a positive stop, depth measuring attachment with a zeroing screw and many other advantageous features.

The TM-8 and TM-10 High Magnification Measuring Microscopes as purchased come with the following magnifications: 50X, 100X and 200X, with a 10X Eyepiece and 5X, 10X and 20X Objectives.

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