The FreedomView Videoscope puts the most challenging inspections within your reach!
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FreedomView LED Videoscope

freedomView Videoscope

The handheld FreedomView LED Videoscope transforms your field inspections with our patented, integrated LED light source and compact handle design, providing exceptional visibility and flexibility.

The FV Videoscope's sleek design allows you to conduct a variety of inspections quickly and safely. Priced with your budget needs in mind, the FV Videoscope puts the most challenging inspections within your reach, in seconds.

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The TVSG Series Videoscope
TVSG Series

The Titan Tool Supply, Inc. TVSG Series Videoscope comes in both a 4.5m and 6mm diameter and both 1.5m and 3.0m lengths.

It is a economical videoscope with full 360 Degree joystick articulation control, 5X zoom function, rechargable NiCd batteries and a charger and the ability to record both still images and video on the supplied SD card. This makes an invaluable tool for your remote inspection needs.

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The TTSVS.6 Video Borescope
The TTSVS.6 Video System

The new TTSVS.6 Video Borescope (Videoscope) is an economically priced RVI unit for all types of Remote Video Inspection applications.

Ideal for automotive & aviation maintenence, shipping and marine maintenance, locomotive and railway maintenance, heavy equipment maintenance; power plant inspection of power transformers and wind turbine assemblies, water and wastewater treatment facilities; casting dies, manufacturing; HVAC, plumbing and building inspections.

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