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V-CAD 1    By Dr. Heinrich Schneider Messtechnik

2D optical area measuring device - results within seconds !

Fields of application

The V-CAD 1 was developed by Dr. Heinrich Schneider Messtechnik to ensure precise and fast measurement of
two-dimensional geometries. The V-CAD 1 is ideally suited for measuring profiles made of plastic, aluminium, wood,
rubber, rubber-metal or metal, as well as for measuring stamped parts of any kind, templates, seals, PCB and many more
objects - also in serial production.

The high-resolution optical equipment of all V-CAD devices ensures distortion-free measurement with excellent depth of field
over the entire calibrated measuring range. In this way, even workpieces of up to 60 mm in height can be measured.

Outstanding Features of the V-CAD 1

Unsurpassed measuring speed: the acquisition and analysis of measurement data only takes a few seconds
Two-dimensional geometries are fully captured in one image window
Monochrome ultra-high definition CCD camera ensures resolutions in the μm range

Special features of the V-CAD series

Large fields of view
No axis movement -no wear and tear
Ultra-high resolution camera with high-precision telecentric lenses
Distortion-free calibrated measurement range
LED incident light source optionally available


Measurement and analysis software SAPHIR QD

This valuable software tool enables measurement not only of individual parts, but also of several identical parts (MMi=multiple measurement identical) and several different parts (MMd=multiple measurement different) in one operation. Measurement with
SAPHIR QD is easy: Once the work piece has been placed on the glass plate within the coverage area, all work pieces are
automatically recognized and measured with unparallelled accuracy and precision - no tedious manual alignment is
required! The software also offers tabular and graphical reporting functions along with a feature enabling reports to be
displayed as overlays on the pertinent live images, complete with -good/bad- color coding.