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"H" Series Panoramic Borescope

The H Series Rigid Borescope represents a giant step forward in Rigid Borescope development. At last, a Borescope with a Revolving Prism that allows for a 140 Degree total Field of View instantly from Straight Forward to 110 Degree to the rear. Totally eliminated are the different Borescopes each with their own viewing angle or sleeves with similar limitations.

One unit viewed directly or connected to Video allows 100 percent examination of any cavity without any limitations.

The rotating Prism located in the front of the rigid Borescope swings over a 95 Degree arc, to allow for this major accomplishment with a 45 Degree Field of View within its arc. This rotating capability necessitates a slightly larger head diameter than the body of the Multiscope.

The H Series Rigid Borescope uses a Fiber Optic Illumination, which necessitates the purchase of a fiber optic bundle to connect to a Halogen Light Source either the FOI-150 150 Watt Halogen.

Optional extras are Video Adapters - C Mount, 90 Degree Right Angle Eyepiece, and 10X or 20X Image - Re-magnifying Eyepiece

Through The Continuous Rotation Of The Prism Head And Scope Body All Details Are Easily Visible.

Data: Field of View 45 Deg.
Prism Rotation Capability 15 Deg. - 110 Deg. (Total 95 Deg.)
Viewing Angle -7.5 Deg. to 132.5 Deg. (Total 140 deg.)

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Borescope Diameter Order Number Head Diameter Min. Hole Borescope Will Enter Working Length
10 mm (.394")
10 mm (.394")
12 mm (.473")
H1000 - 340
H1000 - 440
H1200 - 640

Fiber Bundle Required: All models FB - 8
Focusing: All models = YES

**** Includes Wooden Carrying Case for all above Multiscopes.
**** Does not include Fiber Bundle or Light Source. These have to be ordered separately.

FB - 8 Fiber Bundle necessary, this unit is 6 feet long and is connected to the Halogen Light Sources FOI-150.

If interested in purchasing this product, call 716.873.9907