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Titan G Series Miniature Rigid  Borescopes were designed to cover the range of cavity sizes from .028" to .394" and larger. They are a series of Miniature Len borescopes utilizing the Rod-Lens relay concept, combined with computer designed Eyepiece and Objective lenses. The illumination for the G Series Borescopes uses Cold Light Fiber-Optics. This means the total elimination of any light bulb in the Borescope proper, and the complete use of the maximum diameter lenses for viewing. The light is brought to the front of the Borescope by a series of Glass Fibers completely surrounding the front Objective lens; allowing the Light Source to be located away from the Borescope tip either with a LED Flashlight Handle or High Intensity Illuminator.


The Basic G Series Borescope is sold as a Front Viewing unit with a 55 Degree F.O.V. designed objective lens. This allows complete viewing down the full diameter of any side walls of tubing or deeply drilled holes. Since the light source is away from the front of the Borescope, the intensity of light can be controlled by a rheostat in the light source to minimize light if it is necessary to eliminate glare or maximize light if desired for Video Adaptations. To eliminate the chances of breaking the front objective lens or damaging the Fiber bundles a cover glass is located in the front of the lens assembly. This also helps in making the unit waterproof.

Angular viewing is possible with the G Series through a series of angular viewing sleeves. This offers several unusual advantages. The need for purchasing a separate borescope for viewing as to various angles is completely eliminated. The Angular sleeve slips over the body of the Borescope adding only approximately 0.020" total (.5 mm) to the diameter. This sleeve can be rotated 360 Degree around the body of the Borescope for complete viewing in all directions with that particular angle. There are a series of three angular sleeves available for the G Series Borescopes to cover all the necessary viewing for complete 360 Degree vision in a cavity. These sleeves are not part of the basic pricing and have to be ordered separately. These sleeves allow the entrance to within .125" to the bottom of a blind hole for angle viewing.


The G Series Rigid Borescope offers a focusable eyepiece which offers the following advantages. They can be focused from 0 to infinity. This means if you enter a cavity, and even if you have to hold the Borescope at an angle, you can easily view any wall or object within the range of the illumination of the Borescope or supplemental illumination if necessary.

The Borescope can be focused for any eyesight differences. The focusing feature can be combined with Video adapters for much sharper images in the camera and on the screen. The only units not available with the focusing features are the two shortest lengths of the 2.7 and 4 mm lengths. This is because with these lengths the mathematical computerized design does not allow for the extra focusing feature. Even here the focus is from .020" to infinity. The focusing feature is designated with the suffix F after the order number.

When the above optical characteristics and superior resolution are considered in pricing and in comparison to competitive units as well, we invite comparison to any competitive units.

In ordering the Borescope proper you have to designate which type of illumination you prefer. We offer two Halogen Illuminators. If mobility is not an issue, the FOI-150 150 Watt illuminator or our universal power LuxPro-LED Fiberoptic Illuminator will work for most applications. Sometimes if the cavity is unusually large and the entrance hole is distant from the wall to be viewed a second light source with a flexible Fiber Optic Light Bundle may become necessary. The Illuminators are connected to the G Series Rigid Borescope with a completely flexible FB-6 or FB-8 six foot long Fiber Bundle with an easy snap on connection to the Borescope body.

Sometimes, because mobility is important for the use of a Borescope as on a production line or field use, we offer the LED-BH6W Flashlight Handle. This unit snaps onto the Borescope body in lieu of the FB-6 Fiber Bundle. Due to the limited light intensity of most LED Flashlight Handles, it is not recommended for Borescopes over 14" long or where Video adaptation or re-magnified images are necessary. All illuminators and the FB-6 & FB-8 Fiber Bundles are not considered in the pricing of the basic unit and have to be ordered as extras.

The construction of the G Series Rigid Borescopes are completely out of stainless steel. They are water tight up to the focusing knob and will withstand variations in temperature from minus 20 Deg. to plus 150 Deg. Centigrade. They can be used in a vacuum of up to 20 pounds of pressure and 2 atmospheres.

The G Series Rigid Borescopes are precision built instruments with the best technology that modern optical industry can provide. Due to the unusually great depth of field of viewing and lighting they can be used in many cases that normally have to be examined by FIBER OPTIC FLEXIBLE BORESCOPES.


A) Fiber Bundle 6 foot long for 2.7, 4 & 6 mm Diameter Borescopes order # FB-6 is necessary and should be ordered.
(B) Fiber Bundle 6 foot long for 8, 10 & 12 mm Diameter Borescopes order # FB-8 is necessary and should be ordered.
(C) A Light Box is necessary either FOI-150 or LuxPro-LED.
(D) A foam lined case included with all Borescopes.
(E) Suffix - F means a focusable eyepiece available for that size and diameter.

LED-BH 6 Watt flashlight Handle
The LED-B6W uses a 6 Watt LED and is usable for all G Series Borescopes up to 14" in length. It snaps directly onto the Borescope instead of the FB-6 Fiber Bundle.

GEA - Eyepiece Adapter (Necessary for 10X or 20X Eyepiece only possible for 6mm and 8mm Borescopes)
GE6M - Remagnifying Eyepiece - 6X
GE10M - Remagnifying Eyepiece - 10X
GE20M - Remagnifying Eyepiece - 20X
GER - Eyepiece Adapter for Measuring Eyepiece (Necessary for 10X or 20X Measuring Eyepiece only for 6mm and 8mm Borescopes)
GE10R - Eyepiece with Reticle - 10X
GE20R - Eyepiece with Reticle - 20X

Video Adapters - "C" Mounts
The TSVD-30 Video Adapter can be used for C mount cameras and on any of our model of G & H Borescopes. The TSVD-30 has affixed focal length of 30 MM. The TVSD-30 can be used with the focusing feature of the Borescope. Please determine which you desire when ordering. Consult with your camera manufacturer when ordering. The mounting thread for the C mount is 1" diameter 32 threads per inch standard for all industrial Video Cameras

Titan Borescope - Reticle Video Adapter
The Titan Video Borescope Reticle Adapter is an optical breakthrough in using the capabilities of a Borescope to Align or Measure through a video system. This 100% optical system completely eliminates the need for a Cross-Hair Generator.

The system can be used for alignment or if the divisions on the reticle are calibrated to the same depth of field and against a standard it can be used for measuring. The optical reticle in the system will also rotate 90 Deg. to align with an edge of the workpiece. It is simple to use. The Reticle Pattern consists of 8 Concentric Circles with 10 Divisions on the X and Y Axis between circles which can be calibrated. It can be adapted to any Titan G or H Series Borescope and will fit any Video Camera with a C Mount.

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