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55 Series Rigid Borescope

The Titan Miniature #55 Series Rigid Borescope is a simple, inexpensive borescope series with an unusually large field of view. It comes complete with a flashlight handle and a 5.5mm diameter (.217") optical tube in two lengths 6 1/4" and 12" long. This series is an ideal shop scope. It is inexpensive in price and can be used in any viewing application in quality control, machine shop or aircraft maintenance as well as motor repair and locksmith applications.

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This borescope series has an unusually large field of view of 95 degrees which creates a "fish eye lens effect". Model #55-60-6 and #55-60-12 are angular viewing models, have a normal angle of 60 degrees which means you can view at 90 degrees.

The Titan Miniature #55 Series Rigid Borescope can be used in a temperature range of 10 to 130 degrees Fahrenheit. It can be immersed in water to the end of the optical tube, but this will lessen the viewing angle by 30 Degrees. The focal point of this borescope series is adjustable from 1mm (.040") to infinity. Magnification varies from 14 X at 1mm (.040") to 3X at 15mm (.590") to 1 X at 50mm (1.96") plus.

A flashlight handle is included with the basic system. This illumination is carried forward to the viewing area by glass fibers around the lens system. This rigid borescope series is not available in any other diameter or lengths.

Model Number

Working Length


55-60-12 12" (304.8mm) Angular 60 - 90

55-60-6 6.25" (158.8mm) Angular 60 - 90



Borescope Accessories & Options

The #55 Series Borescope can be used with the following accessories:

FOI-150 Fibreoptic Illuminator with 150W quartz halogen lamp
FB-6 Fibre Bundle to connect fibreoptic illuminator to the borescope

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