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Toolmakers Zoom Microscope

Zoom Optical System: The advantage of a Zoom Optical System over a conventional system is that a large range of magnifications from 30X - 80X standard and 60X - 160X with optional 20X Eyepiece can be used interchangeably on examination of the Object. A low magnification can be used to see a large area and without readjusting the Focal Length, a turn of the zoom knob gives high magnification for more detail studies of a section. The cross hair location will not be changed through this zooming feature.

Modern technology demands an economical, versatile, optical instrument to measure complex dimensions, inspect shapes and examine surface finish. The inexpensive price of the Toolmakers Zoomatic Microscope place it within reach of the small shop as well as allowing it multiple uses for production and quality control.

The TM-II Toolmakers Zoomatic Microscope is a significant advance in precision optical measuring. For the first time the advantages of zoom-optics have been combined to give a large range of magnifications 30X - 80X standard and 60X - 160X with the optional 20X Eyepiece for a simple design to produce a Toolmakers Microscope which measures all three coordinates, as well as gives precise angular readings.

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Microscope Details & Specs

1. Economy: All the most desirable features and accessories are included in one standard unit at a moderate price.

2. Simplicity: The unit is constructed so that anyone can operate it to measure the most complex work piece with repetitive accuracy in a minimum amount of time.

The TM-II and TM-IV Toolmakers Measuring Microscopes share the same common base and optical frame. The material is cast Meehanite. The base size is 7.50" wide, 3.50" high and 10.75" long with 4 adjustable leveling legs. The base contains a green sub stage illuminator and transformer for both illuminators, sub stage and ring. The Vertical Post is 14" high and 1.377" diameter with a helical groove for the coarse focusing adjustment.

The Optical Frame can be raised and lowered by a primary coarse ring adjustment on the Vertical Post and a Fine rack and Pinion adjustment for the optical focusing. It contains a bracket for fastening an indicator (not included) for DEPTH or Z Axis Measuring. The Optical System is a Zoom-Type with 30X to 80X Magnification as standard. The magnification range can be increased from 60X to 160X by purchasing an optional 20X Eyepiece. The Optical Frame has a maximum Rack and Pinion travel of 2.125" and an Eye tube inclined at a 45 Degree angle for ease of use. The Maximum distance vertically between the top of the stage and the bottom of the ring illuminator is 6.625". This can be extended, if necessary by unscrewing the cap on top of the vertical post or adding onto the vertical post which is possible.

zoomatic video for measuring microscope

Depth Measuring Attachment: The TM-II and TM-IV Toolmakers Microscopes come standard with a bracket to accommodate Depth or Z Axis Measurement. The Indicator for this bracket is not included with the unit. Depth measurement is best accomplished at 160X with the 20X Eyepiece (optional extra) in place. This is done by focusing in at the top of a work piece, then zeroing the indicator, focusing at the bottom of the work piece, and reading the difference on the indicator.

There is a special Video Adapter available for the TM-II and TM-IV. Order TSTVA-12B. A 2XL Special Adapter can be purchased as an extra that doubles the TSTVA-12B Magnification.


TM-II Toolmakers Microscope: This unit has an ultra precise steel bearing Stage with a travel of 2.50" in the X Axis and 1.90" in the Y Axis. The center of the Stage is equipped with a 360 Degree rotatable Vernier plate that has a scale readable to 2'(minutes). This stage is equipped with two Micrometers that have a one inch measuring range reading directly in .0001" divisions.For holding small steel stampings, cutting tools, shafts and irregular shaped parts, may we recommend our Miniature Magnetic V Block No. 2076.

The TM-II and TM-IV Toolmakers Microscopes come standard with a 10X Eyepiece. The 20X Eyepiece to achieve the higher magnification is an optional extra.

The Objective Lens is a ZOOM LENS range of 30X to 80X with the 10X Eyepiece, and 60X to 160X is possible with the 20X Eyepiece. The 20X Eyepiece should be purchased if Depth or Z Axis measurements are desired.

The Reticle has 90 Degree Cross Hairs with divisions on the Vertical and Horizontal Axis as well as circles at every tenth division on the Cross Hair Lines. Cross Hair stays centered within 3 % when zooming from one magnification to another.

Optically correct and not inverted. All Lenses are color coated and corrected.

Working Distance: With 6 Bulb Ring Illuminator attached .870" Without 6 Bulb Ring Illuminator 1.120"

Angle Measuring Eyepiece AME-5M:
The TM-II and TM-IV can be converted to use the AME-5M Angle Measuring Eyepiece with a special Adapter sleeve at extra cost. This allows for two methods of angle measuring with the TM-II and TM-IV. The stage on the TM-II can be utilized or the AME-5M.

Substage Illuminator: A green Filtered Substage Illuminator with light coming up through the optical Axis of the Microscope.

Surface Illuminator:
A Ring type illuminator that holds 6 bulbs 3V connected in Series Inclined at a 30 Degree angle at 60 Degree intervals. This gives brilliant shadow free Surface Illumination. This feature is especially helpful in examining blind holes. The light rays are projected in a conical shape. If especially bright Surface Illumination is desired for adapting the Microscope to Video, the Model RI-23 Fibre Optic Ring Illuminator and the Model FOI-150 Halogen Light Source must be purchased as extra items.