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Modular Toolscope Monocular Microscopes

Model MTSM Toolscope
THE TITAN TOOLSCOPE is an optically correct, monocular alignment type Microscope. It can be purchased as a coordinate unit or as separate components. This monocular microscope can be made as simple or complicated as you desire. There are 11 different magnifications possible by purchasing an additional 20X Eyepiece complete with reticle as a separate option. The basic unit comes equipped with a 10X Eyepiece which allows for 10 different magnifications. The advantage of an additional 20X Eyepiece is that it allows for the same working distance as the 10X but doubles the Magnification. The unit is sold as a standard Microscope in 10X, 20X, 30X or 50X.


The other magnifications for this monocular microscope are arrived at by purchasing extra Objective Lenses. The total magnification is computed by multiplying the value of the 10X Eyepiece times the value of the Objective Lens. Please note when initially purchased The toolscope comes with 10X Eyepiece. The 20X Eyepiece is always extra. Order # MTS-20

EXTRA OBJECTIVE LENSES: .3X, .5X, .75X, 1X, 2X, 3X, 4X, 5X, 10X, 20X, 40X available, (all objective lenses are color coated and corrected).


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Modular Toolscope Monocular Microscopes 

We offer you sturdy, well-designed components which enable you to adapt this instrument to your own special needs. The uses for the Toolscope are endless, from Metrology, to mounting in special fixtures on machines, or for alignment purposes. The unit has found many applications in the microelectronics industry to alignment on grinders, small hole drilling applications as a measuring microscope or an inexpensive Toolmakers Microscope. The building block principle allows for complete flexibility in design and usage.

The monocular microscope can be purchased as a basic TOOLSCOPE Microscope, or with a variety of components; Mounting Bracket, Ring Illuminator with Transformer, separate X-Y Coordinate Measuring micro-movement stage, stand with built in sub-stage illuminator

This versatility allows you to incorporate the unit into special machine design or as an inexpensive X-Y Coordinate Measuring Microscope. It is adaptable to any variation. We have listed below the choices of 16 magnifications and their corresponding fields of view, working distances, value divisions in thousands of an inch.

Mounting for Toolscopes

By purchasing the Toolscope with the Mounting Bracket, you have the advantage of a rack and pinion with fine adjustment, and you can also fasten it onto any 1.00" diameter post. The M-A-1 Mounting bracket also enables you to rotate the Microscope frame 360 degrees in its circular holder for viewing in any position. The Mounting Bracket is 3.54" long in the back for rigidity, with a 1.00" mounting hole. The fine adjustment allows 2.93'' travel: 1.25" above and 1.68" below the zero position. The center distance of the post mounting hole to the microscope frame mounting hole is 5.62". This allows a large work area, free from obstructions for special apparatus. It will fit Models MTSM, MTSF and MTSI.

Model TS-O is an ideal fixture for mounting and adjusting the 3 Toolscope models for various applications. Movements are as follows: X Axis - 3.15" Rack and Pinion. Y Axis - 2.68'' Rack and Pinion. Z Axis - 2.72" Rack and Pinion. Four drilled and counterbored holes are provided for easy mounting.

Model TS-N also has 3 Axis Rack and Pinion Adjustment as well as the ability to be mounted on a Rotary clamp on its 1.00" Dia. Post Movements are Z Axis - 2.64". X Axis - 1.18''. Y Axis .870". All three Axis adjustments are precision Rack and Pinion movements well suited for Model MTSM, MTSF and MTS1 Toolscopes.

Bases and Stages

Model No. MTSM-BS
Good optical alignment requires rigidity in all components, in the Microscope as well as the Base, which is why we chose a sturdy, heavy-duty cast base made from a heavy casting which measures 10.80" long, 6.36" wide and 2.50" high. It has a 12" long, 1.00" diameter Pillar Post to accommodate large work pieces, whether the stand is used with or without the stage. It also fits our Mounting Bracket M-A1. The green built-in Substage illuminator connects directly to any 110V AC wall outlet. The Base has 4 drilled and tapped holes with 1/4-20 thread for fastening to any Titan Stage. Work pieces up to 7" long can be measured on the stage, which makes it ideal for large punches, plastic molds, die and electronic components, etc.

MODEL No. TRW-2 Without Micrometers

This simple X-Y Movement Stage with a 2" travel in each axis. It can be fastened to the MTSMBS Base with 4 simple 1/4-20 screws. It has a 2.5" center cut-out glass plate for the green light to shine through from the substage illuminator built into the MTSMBS Stand. It also has 6 tapped holes with 10-32 thread for fastening special fixtures onto the stage. You can purchase your own digital Micrometers or Venier Micrometer Heads.For holding small steel stampings, cutting tools, shafts and irregular shaped parts, may we recommend our Miniature Magnetic V Block No. 2076.

MODEL No. TM-4ST-2 Without Micrometers

This stage is a ruggedly constructed 2" X 6" movement stage with micro-adjusting screws that allow for self-zeroing of the X & Y movement micrometers at any point. The Y Axis travel micrometer is fastened underneath the stage so that it cannot be supplemented with gage blocks, this necessitates a 2" travel micrometer in this axis. The X axis travel is above the stage and can be supplemented with rods or gage blocks. The physical size of the stage is 5.375" X 9.00". It will also fit the MTSMBS base.

Titan 10X Angle Measuring Eyepiece Model AME-5M

The Titan Protractor Eyepiece Measures over 360 Degrees to an accuracy of 5' (minutes) by the use of Rotary Vernier and a simple Cross Hair Eyepiece.

The white scale on a black background is easy to read and enlarged by a 10X Magnifier.

This unit can be used on 8 different Titan Microscopes, Models MTSM, MTSF and MTSI. Model MTSM-CMM Coordinate Toolscope, and the XAM-1 Single Axis Measuring Microscope, TM-II & TM-IV Measuring Microscopes. This Eyepiece can be invaluable for checking Cutting Tool Geometry and Angular Measurement. It will fit all 23mm optical tubes.

Toolscope Video Adapters

The MVA-2 Video Adapter combines the magnification of the Objective Lens and the Eyepiece with Reticle for the total magnification transmitted to the camera. This means that if the Toolscope is 10X, 20X, 30X or 50X and etc.; the magnification times the electronic magnification of the Camera and Monitor size will give you the total magnification of the System. Example: If you have a 20X Toolscope, times a 9" Monitor and 1/2" CCD Camera, which usually carries a 28.8X video magnification; you have 20X times times 28.8X or a total of 576X.

The chief advantage of this method is that you can achieve very high magnifications with fairly long working distances as you are combining the magnification of two distinct Lens Systems. The Field of View is also governed by the Camera and Lens System.

The TSTVA-12 Video Adapter is used in place of the standard eyepiece. This means the eyepiece is removed and the TSTVA-12 is substituted in its place. This Video Adapter has a built in focusing ring that varies the magnification between 1X and 1.5X. This means that you are using principally the magnification of the Objective Lens and its appropriate Working Distance and Field of View times the electronic magnification of the Video System in this case. Using the same example as before, a 20X Toolscope which has a 2X objective you have a Total Magnification of 2 times 28.8X or a total of 57.6X for the entire System. This Video Adapter also has its own reticle. A special extra 2XL adapter can be purchased that will double the TSTVA-12 Magnification.