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V Series Videoscopes

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Made for Industry

The mechanical construction blueprint for the V Series Videoscope line is based on over a decades worth of experience building Fiberscopes that are comfortable to use and capable of withstanding the rigors of the industrial working environment. Both 2-way and 4-way articulation versions of the V Series handpiece have been designed for one-handed operation and to reduce operator fatigue and discomfort during long inspections.



Robust Mechanical Articulation

The V Series features 4mm, 6mm and 8mm diameter scopes with 2-way articulation and with 4-way articulation. This selection of articulation options allows the user to guide V Series Fiberscopes all the way into critical inspection areas.


Multi Layer Insertion Tubes with Tungsten Braid Sheathing

In the V Series, a fine hard wearing tungsten braid is used to cover the multi layer insertion tube from the CCD camera head at the remote tip of the scope all the way back to the handpiece. This tungsten braid runs over the entire insertion tube and bending section.


Interchangeable Objective Lenses

The all-round value of the V Series is improved by a choice of interchangeable objective lenses that fit securely into the tip of the CCD camera head. Lenses with multiple fields of view, depth of field and light gathering combinations are available to make the V Series suitable for practically any application.


Fluid Resistant

From the remote tip to the handpiece, all V Series scopes will withstand immersion in water, mineral and synthetic lubricating oils and hydraulic fluids, aviation fuel, kerosene, gasoline and diesel fuel.

iTool Imaging Hub Technical Specifications 


Overall Hub
11.0 in (280mm) W, 10.6 in (270mm) D, 3.5 in (97mm) H

LCD Monitor
6.4 in (163mm) Diagonal, 5.1 in (131mm) W, 3.8 in (97mm) H

4.8 lb (2.2 kg) *

Lamp Type:
24W Metal Halide Arc Lamp

Light Guide Cable
Ferrule Receptacle Adapter:

Fast release with snap tight lock.

Intensity Control:
Manual shutter

Video Standard:

Input Voltage:
100V to 240V AC 50Hz or 27V DC or 12V DC

Video Input:


Video Out:

Audio In:
Standard microphone jack

Audio Out:

Data Storage Device:
CompactFlash card, Type I

* Without battery pack.

Video and Audio data File Formats:


Personal Computer Interface:

USB 1.1

Operating Temperature:
32 to 113 F (0 to 45 C)

Storage Temperature:
41 to 113 F (5 to 45 C)

Relative Humidity:
80% max