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  • To pick up edges, centers, contours, irregular shapes and layout lines.

  • Surface finish can easily be checked with Model X-II and Y-II under 50X magnification.

  • The drilling of printed circuit boards through prior location and centering.

  • Details too small, or inaccessible to an indicator or edge finder can be easily picked up.

  • A vertical mill or jig borer with optical scale or precise lead screws can be turned into a three coordinate measuring machine for checking the accuracy of completed dies, molds, castings and precision parts. These parts are sometimes too big to fit into a comparator or a Tool Maker's Microscope table as these means of measuring the larger parts are too limited to check the job properly.

  • The uses of 3 coordinate measuring machines can be greatly enlarged by their usage, Model Y-II specifically designed for this purpose.

  • The human element of "feel or touch" is eliminated so all errors resulting from misreading micrometers, verniers and indicators is eliminated by the lack of physical contact between the operator and what he is measuring through the use of microscopes.
    Model Y-I is especially useful for setting up on Electrical Discharge Machines, because of its extra-long focal length and long eye-tube, made so the operator has easy access to the instrument over the closed tub or basin of the machine. (With some care the operator can learn to view the work piece through clean oil, once the angle of distortion is calculated.) This eliminates constant draining between changing electrodes.

  • The zero (0) or starting position for use on tape-controlled machinery can easily and quickly be plotted through their usage by sighting through the various positions needed in the work cycle and punching the tape accordingly.

  • Model Z-I with low magnification and extremely long focal length is ideally suited for alignment on Boring Mills.

  • Model Y-III with High Magnification depth Measurement of Minute Slots and Grooves by the difference in Focus Principal. Sight on the Bottom of the Groove zero an indicator attached to the Vertical Spindle, come to the top of the Groove and read the displacement on the indicator.

  • Checking Printed Circuit Boards on Three Coordinate Measuring Machines for Size of Holes and Circuit Patterns

  • The unit can also be purchased with an optional wooden storage box which must be ordered separately using order number WB-Centscope.

Standard Data for Y and Z Models

Overall Length: 5.00"
Front Prism Housing: .75" x 2.00"
Side Prism Housing: 2.25" x 2.00"
Shank: 500"diameter hardened and ground -
2.00" long.
Weight: 1 3/4 lbs.

Length of Objective: .75"
Diameter of Objective: 1.250"
Image: Right side up, not inverted. Optically correct.
Eye-tube: 5.25" long at a 75 Deg. angle to the center line of the body.

Ocular: 10X Standard Wide Field Kelner type color coated and corrected for chromatic aberrations. 20X Extra has to be purchased as a separate item, Standard Wide Field Kelner type color coated and corrected for chromatic aberrations.

Centering Device: Prismatic type consists of 2 screws, one under the eye-tube for correcting misalignment of the X - X axis of the spindle of the machine and one on the right side of the microscope for correcting run-out of the Y - Y axis of the machine. Each screw has its own independent action and is not related to the other screw correcting the other axis. This device greatly simplifies spindle run-out correction. The independent action of each screw does not misalign or change the previous setting of the other screw, as in most centering devices.

Y and Z Series Centering Microscopes                          X Series Centering Microscope

Centering Microscope Illuminator for models Z-I, Y-I, Y-II, X-I and X-II Model #CMI Illuminator and #CMT Transformer

The Model CMI Ring Type Illuminator was especially designed to fit 5 Models of titan centering microscopes. It is manufactured with a concentrated light beam suitable for all Materials. Any Metals, Film, Printed Circuitry absorb light. External , one angle illuminator, Machine Light, or Half-Mirror internal illuminators in many cases do not project sufficient illumination for Error Free Observation, or create shadows, which present measuring difficulties.